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Espaņol / English

Created by Mark Davies, BYU. Funded by the US National Endowment for the Humanities (2001, 2015). Part of the BYU collection of corpora.

  Corpus Size Created Interface: English Spanish More info
1 Genre / Historical 100 million words 2001-02 2008 Info
2 Genre / Historical   NEW  100 million words 2001-02 2016 Info
3 Web / Dialects   NEW  2 billion words 2015-16 2016


As of Summer 2016, the Corpus del Espaņol has two different parts:

  • the (original, smaller) corpus that allows you to look at historical changes and genre-based variation

  • the (new, much larger) corpus that you can use to look at dialectal variation (and have 100x as much data for Modern Spanish).

Click on an [Info] link above for more details.