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English Espaņol

Created by Mark Davies. Funded by the US National Endowment for the Humanities (2001-2002, 2015-2017).

  Corpus Size Created More info
1 Genre / Historical 100 million words 2001 Info
2 Web / Dialects 2 billion words 2016 Info
3 NOW (2012 - 2019) 5.5 billion words 2018 Info
4 Google Books n-grams (BYU) 45 billion words 2011 Info
5 WordAndPhrase Top 40,000 words 2017 Info

This is the newest addition to the Corpus del Espaņol (Aug 2018). It contains more than 5.1 billion words from 21 different Spanish-speaking countries.

Most importantly, every month we add to the corpus about 150 million words of new data from new magazine and newspaper articles on the Web (from hundreds of thousands of new texts). This means that you can use the corpus to track ongoing changes in Spanish -- right up through this past month. There is no other corpus of Spanish that allows anything like this.